The 6 Nerdy Chicks Comic-Con Overview

For the past five years, the 6 Nerdy Chicks have been going to the Nerd Mecca, better known as San Diego Comic-Con. This year, we decided to scale back a bit and only got badges for Thursday and Saturday, but we have plenty to report!

Hop Con 5.0

On Wednesday, we checked out Hop Con 5.0! It was the fifth year of Hop Con, hosted by Stone Brewing Company, which is an annual celebration of the Drew Curtis / Wil Wheaton / Greg Koch Stone Farking Wheaton w00tstout. The whole place was crawling with beer geeks and general nerds alike and with retro video arcade setups, table games and lawn games all around the venue, it seemed like an appropriate place to celebrate the kickoff of SDCC weekend.

But our favorite thing about Hop Con, second only to the incredibly fresh churros, was the beer! Some of our favorites were Soured Be Thy Name and the S’mores w00tstout. However, the real MVP of the night was the collaboration between Jonah Ray and Kris Ketcham, Notorious P.O.G., a wheat beer with passion fruit, orange, and guava. Needless to say, it was incredibly delicious, and we used more than a few of our tasters going back for more!

The Exhibitors Hall

Now, since we only had two actual days of access to the con, we spent basically all of Thursday in the exhibition hall. The first thing we noticed was how incredibly crowded it was. Yes, we realize how many hundreds of thousands of people flock to the con for exclusives, autographs and more, but for a Thursday, the exhibition hall felt as crowded as it usually did on Saturdays.

Despite the crowds, one of our favorite things about the con is always the art! We visited some of our go-to artists like Joey Chou, Brian Kessinger, Karen Hallion, and “Flimflammery” by Bill Robinson. Mel got this super awesome Pan’s Labyrinth art from him.

Pans Labyrinth print by Flimflammery!

Also, Angie was able to snag these incredible Wonder Woman prints from Cat Staggs! Both of these Wonder Woman prints capture the incredible power and grace of the women in the film!


Incredible Wonder Woman art by Cat Staggs


Of course, the artists aren’t the only reason to visit the Exhibitor’s Hall! There were some incredible photo ops, and some really fun experiences with pretty awesome swag. For example, we got to do a “face” transformation experience at the Audible booth for a free audible credit and X-files poster. There were tons of other interactive experiences and booths with free swag, plus, if you’re lucky, you might see some celebrities as the exhibition hall is where they do their signings!

Things to Do Outside of the Con
Friday morning, we got in line for Saturday’s Hall H panels (you can read all about our insane line experience here), but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t plenty to see and do! With our husbands holding our places in line, we explored some of the sights outside of the con.

The token Trekkies of the group, Jessica and Angie, went to the Star Trek: Discovery Experience at the Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts Gallery, where they got to see costumes, props, and art from the newest Star Trek show that will premiere September 24th. The most exciting part was seeing up-close the costumes for Discovery’s crew:  navy and gold with a chic collar. They also attempted to participate in a crew scavenger hunt but had to scurry back to the Hall H line after they found crew ambassadors from Deep Space Nine and Voyager.

As always, FX was outside of the con with plenty for those without badges to do in their FXhibition. Two of us got to do this super cute “scene” stealer in which we got to dance in front of a green screen and were then inserted into a scene from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The FXhibition also had a “lace station” where they replaced your shoelaces with new themed ones from their shows, and the American Horror Story Zoetrope. The Zoetrope was full of figurines of clowns, beehives, and kissing women, all to hint at the new season’s theme: Cult. Another great stop was the Atlanta Shop Shot. This was a rotating box you walked in (tried not to fall in) and a movie was made. Plus, this outside area is where you’ll see some a lot of incredible cosplay! Check out which cosplay we saw here.


What’s even more fun about exploring the areas outside of the con is you never know when you’ll run into celebrities! Some of our celebrities sightings included Craig Robinson (who’s looking really healthy!), Kevin Smith, Andy Serkis, and Zachary Levi. Plus, as we were searching for the Nintendo Game Lounge in the Marriot Grand Marquis, turning one of the corners in the hallway, we almost literally ran into Stan Lee! Of course, all of us stopped and stepped out of the way for him and his entourage to go by, but we were completely and utterly speechless. After he had passed, we all stared around at each other in shock– none of us had ever been so starstruck before, but in the presence of Stan Lee what else is there to be BUT starstruck?

Of course, on Saturday, we saw some more incredible celebrities in Hall H, but you can read all about the panels here.

Overall, we may have dialed back our experience much more than in past years, but it was still an incredible con! It’s impossible to see and do all that is available the whole con, so we’d love to hear some of your stories in the comments below! Otherwise, see you next con!

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