DIY: Totoro Melted Crayon Art

Welcome back to TGIDIYFRIDAY! Here on TGIDIYFRIDAY, I show you how to make a cheap, easy craft with a nerdy edge! This week, I thought I’d try something I’ve been seeing all over the internets for a while now; melted crayon art! I thought this would be perfect paired with Totoro hiding under his leaf trying to keep dry. So let’s get on with and let us craft!

What you’ll need:

Crayon art what you need

  • Blank canvas
  • Black Sharpie
  • Pencil
  • Many colors of crayons (I bought these at the 99 cent store)
  • Tape
  • A hairdryer **not pictured!

Step One:

crayons on canvas

I quickly figured out that I didn’t have enough crayons for the size of canvas I had so I got creative and broke them in half to make up for it! This was probably a good thing because halving them was a better fit for this size of canvas anyway.

Step Two:
crayons taped to canvas

Once you’re happy with your crayon arrangement, you’re gonna want to tape them in place.

*I realized much too late that I probably should have glued the crayons on the canvas so they wouldn’t slip when the tape got hot and lost its grip on the crayons. I may or may not have come to this realization the hard way.*

Step Three:

totoro pencil drawing on canvas

Next I drew my little Totoro in the corner. I made his leaf much bigger to actually keep him from getting wet this time. I’m not Van Gogh, here and I know my little Totoro isn’t super amazing or might not be totally accurate but I think he came out cute anyhow.

Step Four:

cover art with masking tape

Now, to keep him clean, I used masking tape to protect him. I ended up using multiple layers of tape to make it thick; that way the crayons would drip down the sides of the tape and make a nice “umbrella” effect. Cut the tape out in the shape you want.

Step Five:

crayon canvas art ready for melting

Make sure you have a nice level space to do this; you don’t want to get crayon all over the place. I put down a lot of paper to catch the excess drippings. What I put down still wasn’t enough so go overboard with this to protect your floor.

Step Six:

melting crayons on canvas

Now, the fun part; let’s melt some crayons! I used the “hot” setting on “low” to get the crayons started. Once they started melting, I turned it up to get the party really going.

Step Seven:

crayons melted on a canvas

Yeah, look at all that melted goodness. You can stop the heat as soon as you’re happy with the amount of color. This is where I realized the crayons were drooping and needed to be remedied.

Step Eight:

crayons melted on a canvas

So, I decided to take off the tape and melt the crayon tops a little more and basically squish them into staying on the canvas. It came out pretty good!

Step Nine:

totoro drawing

Now, I outlined my little guy with the Sharpie and erased the pencil marks. I thought about coloring him in but my husband pointed out that it looked nice in black and white because it looks like he’s trying not to get color on him…I like it!

And that’s it; you’re done! This is one of those crafts that can be totally customized. I thought about making a Doctor Who one with the Tardis getting “rained” on; the possibilities are endless, really! There doesn’t even have to be a nerdy element to it, it’s a pretty fun thing to do on it’s own and easy enough for little ones! If you decide to make this craft be sure to tag us using #6NCDIY so we can see your amazing creations!

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