Game of Thrones Northern Ireland Tours

As every avid Game of Thrones fan knows, the show is filmed at several locations around the world. What’s great about this is this means when you’re traveling, there is a great chance you may be able to see some of these locations! One such place that was used for a great deal of filming is Northern Ireland. This past June, my husband and I honeymooned in Ireland, so we were able to go on one of these tours to report back to you!

Now, to check out the Northern Ireland filming locations, it’s recommended that you use Belfast as your main hub as we did. If you’d like to see all that Northern Ireland has to offer in terms of filming locations, you’ll actually need two full days to do the tours. One of the tours goes north of Belfast, up the Antrim Coast, which is the only one we had time for. The other tour goes south of Belfast to see various Winterfell filming locations.

These tours have gotten extremely popular, understandably so, which means there are several different companies you can choose from. I’d recommend doing your own research, but to give you some options, I’d recommend “Game of Thrones Tours” or the Belfast City Tours’ “Stones and Thrones Experience.” They both give you the northern or southern option and basically take the same route.

What to expect: rain, crowds, and imagination required. We were fairly lucky in that the weather didn’t affect the tour too much, but it did get rainy at some points, and it rains quite frequently. Plus, like I said, the tour is extremely popular so expect a lot of people. Also, I realized that you shouldn’t expect the locations to look exactly like they did in the show– that’s part of the magic! It was a lot of fun trying to picture the show from memory while at each of the locations and thinking about just how much work went into making the locations look like they do in the show!

For those who would like to preview the locations of the Northern tour, check out the slideshow!

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