Geek Chic: In The Bedroom

This week for Geek Chic I want to take us to the bedroom. No, not for sexy time, but for comfy time. That’s right, Geek Chic bed spreads that will allow you to have sweet nerdy dreams. These are actually not hard to find, but they can be on the more expensive side. If you are willing to spend your hard earn money on some sweet bedtime goodness; then these are for you.
First, Redbubble is the place to go for countless Geek and non-geek bedding accessories.
You can’t go wrong with Totoro! He will keep you warm with his fluffy goodness. ($93)24120d_408de1035fa24395899158974a12595a
 This White Tree of Gondor spread is so amazing. You can speak friend and jump right in. ($101)24120d_aa6d03d9e090418b98a4ea4a01295d79
Now, I would not buy this cover, but I thought it was hilarious. You can take the saying “Netflix and Chill” to a whole new level. ($97)
Next I found a great website called Café Press where they sell anything you need for your room. They have an amazing collection of Duvet Covers!
I love this Gamer duvet cover, it is super simple and just adds that little bit of geek chic to your room. ($156)
If you love math then this one is for you. I love the subtle colors, and would hope it would seep some of its knowledge in while I sleep. ($158)
Most periodic tables are super colorful and may clash with a normal bedroom setting; however, this ‘vintage’ style spread is so perfect. The muted color would really go with any room!
Hopefully one of these Duvet covers spoke to you, and if not check out the sites, they really have so many it could take you days to choose. Happy Hunting!!
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Jess Walls

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