The Geek Guide to the Mayweather-McGregor Fight

Today, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will fight each other in a boxing match that is being called the fight of the century. However, there are geeks out there who are either disinterested in boxing or who are too distracted by James Cameron’s comments about Wonder Woman (ugh) to be interested in two men squaring off in a ring. This fight, though, will be entertainment at its finest, and even geeks can enjoy it if they think about the fighters in the following ways:

Conor McGregor is Tony Stark

McGregor is a charismatic showman whose fighting style is unpredictable and unorthodox. He’s got a reputation for having a quick wit, and his trash-talking skills are only outmatched by his fighting ability. Anyone familiar with Iron Man movies and comics knows that Tony Stark’s got a sharp tongue.

McGregor is arguably the best in the mixed martial arts world and is the face of UFC right now. This is similar to Tony Stark being the leader/ go-to face of the Avengers (depending on whose team you’re on in the Civil War). Also, both McGregor and Stark know how to rock a winning suit.

Floyd Mayweather is The Flash

Mayweather is most well-known for his natural fighting ability. He’s got lightning fast reflexes, relies on his defense skills, and can move around a ring. He is hard to catch. That’s why he’s the Flash. No matter who is put in front of him, the Flash literally will run circles around that person and tire him/her out.

That’s how Mayweather fights. He waits for his opponent to get tired of chasing him and then strikes.

Universe Crossover

So imagine two superheroes from two different universes meeting each other: McGregor from the UFC world and Mayweather from the boxing world. This is, however, a boxing fight, which immediately puts McGregor in the underdog role. This would be like Tony Stark fighting The Flash at S.T.A.R. Labs; McGregor is on Mayweather’s turf.

Mayweather has an undefeated boxing record: 49 wins, zero losses. For most of his career, he was the showman who had a trash-talking rep, yet now he’s played up as the veteran looking to leave with an even 50-0 record. He’s not the underdog, but he’s got the most to lose. In fact, the reputation of the boxing world is at stake here: boxing is called the “sweet science” because it’s so technical and (usually) requires years of training before winning a championship. McGregor winning his first foray into a boxing championship would dismantle this idea. But which Avenger knows how to manipulate science to his advantage?

What you can’t forget, though, are Mayweather’s natural abilities: his reflexes and movement are really on another level, like The Flash’s powers. Iron Man’s fighting skills are good, but he doesn’t have powers outside of his magnetic personality, and you very well can’t use an arc reactor in a boxing match.  

It’s entirely possible that McGregor can win, just like Tony Stark could hold his own against Barry Allen. However, once Barry Allen starts fighting as The Flash, it’s going to be difficult to land any blows on him. The Vegas odds have Mayweather as the favorite (-500) against McGregor (+400), but the showman could surprise us all. Either way, it’s going to be a thrilling crossover event.


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