We’re Back!

Hello and welcome back (or welcome, if you’re a first timer) to the 6NerdyChicks! As some of you may have noticed, we’ve been MIA for about a year. As I’m sure is the case for most new blogs, we definitely had a lot to learn—let’s just say we had some technical difficulties. So with our relaunch, we’ve redesigned things to be much more navigable for you, our dear readers. This way you can read all the things related to [insert fandom here] to your hearts content.

But the setup of the page itself isn’t the only thing we wanted to revamp. For this relaunch, we plan to have fewer but more quality posts for you guys, which will help keep the love of all things nerdy alive in us and, hopefully, in our writing too. By this time last year, we seemed to have lost sight of the reason we’d started this whole project in the first place: “Six besties providing a female perspective in all things geek.” This time around, we really want to focus on and give our readers, chicks and gents alike, that female perspective which makes us unique. As many great nerds of our times have defined the term “nerd” as not about what you love, but about how you love it, we want to make sure that that passion is the forefront of our posts—otherwise we’re not nerds at all!

Some things you can expect from us in this relaunch are more DIYs featuring a new cooking edition (and trust us, we’re not professional crafters or culinary artists so it truly will be DIY—if we can do it you can too!); we’ll be bringing back the indie gamer posts, and we’ll be introducing  “Gaining XP” in our nerd repertoire by filling in our childhood nerd gaps! Plus, we’ll also be introducing a new segment on nerd herstory, where our favorite nerdy history teacher, Jess, will be teaching us about some of the most underrated women in history! But wait, there’s more! Keep checking back with us to find out what awesome things we have in store for you guys.

Eventually, we plan on getting into podcasting because, trust us, we’re funnier in person (or maybe just more obnoxious depending on who you ask), but really we’re just stoked to share the things that we love with you guys. So we hope you are as excited about this relaunch as we are because it’s going to be freakin’ awesome. Also, we’d love to hear from you guys— (it’s nice to know we’re not alone in this crazy nerdy multiverse) so feel free to reach out to us through our blog or through any of our social media @6nerdychicks!!


Melody Kowach

Writer, Editor, and Liaison for 6NC, Melody is a jack of all nerdoms but master of none probably because she has a weird dislike for watching things she's already watched since there are so many new things to watch! Melody enjoys anime, indie games, books, and sci-fi, and when she's not at home binge watching a show or gaming, she can usually be found at Disneyland.

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